My name is Bob Orlando, but I am also known as Bobo the Tutor. I’m a recent graduate of the Engineering Physics program at UBC and have been tutoring at UBC for more than 10 years. I offer individual and small-group tutoring sessions, and I run final exam review sessions for certain courses each term.

I focus mainly on Math, Physics, and Engineering courses, and have mostly tutored students in Engineering. I have also tutored students in Science, Arts and Human Kinetics.

Some Testimonials

Maurizio von Flotow, Engineering Physics ’15

“Two years in a row, Bob was able to refresh me in and teach me (and about 30 other students) 90% of the content in 3 of my courses… in about 4 hours.”

Math 101, Math 152, Math 255, Math 217, Phys 153

Sophie Penhall, Geological Engineering ’12

“Bob saved me from solid mechanics and math. And he let me eat candy in every session.”

Math 255, Math 253, Civl 230, Civl 231

Stephanie Mah, Computer Engineering ’14

“Couldn’t have passed math without it!”

Math 263

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